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“A Metaphorical Middle Finger Without Being Melodramatic” – “Burn” as reviewed by Holly Iverson

Ryan2287 | January 17, 2016

I’m willing to bet many people don’t understand most musical terminology, and that’s okay. I don’t either. But we all understand how music can make us feel. Songs like Burn by The Love Atomic — the lyrics aren’t your words but they tell your story. The music is insanely catchy and energizing. Put your headphones in, turn up the volume and try to sit still while listening to this song. I’m telling you, it’s not possible. 

We’ve all fought hard for a relationship only to realize there’s nothing left worth saving. Burn takes you back to that time, but not to mourn over what you lost. Instead, it’s a metaphorical middle finger without being melodramatic. It doesn’t just capture the moment of strength that you waited so long for, it defines it. Lyrics like “Burn/Let it all come down/‘Cause baby this is your fault now” and “Even when your rain comes down/I’ll still be burning bright/When your heart fades out” leave you feeling empowered. 

And that’s what this song is. It’s not about dwelling on what happened in your past. It’s about moving forward. It’s about being better than you were and deserving something better than you had.  

So go ahead, give it a listen. I bet you find yourself feeling a little stronger and walking a little taller, whether your heart’s in pieces or fully healed. 

~Holly Iverson~

You can listen to a preview of Burn right here: and grab the full version on iTunes February 28th!

Written by Ryan2287


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